Your Questions Answered

Do I need planning permission to convert my loft? 
  • Most Loft Conversions do not require planning permission in most cases a Loft Conversion can be converted under permitted development guide lines. 
Do I need detailed plans when converting my loft? 
  • Yes, converting your loft involves many structural changes a detailed calculated drawing is required to ensure it complies with strict building regulations. Beware of any builder who tells you these are not needed.

Can my loft be converted? 
  • The main thing to check is whether your loft has enough height. From inside your loft measure from the highest point to the lowest point this should be no less than 2.3m. This is the minimum requirement but if your property is detached the ridge of the roof can be raised to create a larger loft space.
I have a modern truss roof; can I still have a Loft Conversion?
  • Yes, if the ridge line is high enough any loft can be converted.
How long will it take to complete my loft conversion? 
  • Every loft is different varying in size and complexity, but generally the construction takes between 6-8 weeks
I have large water tanks in my loft, what will happen to them? 
  • The water tanks in the loft can be moved or replaced with different shaped tanks to make room for your loft conversion.
Will there be any storage space left after the conversion is completed? 
  • This depends on your loft but normally you will have access to void areas in the eaves enabling some storage space.
Can I have a loft conversion at any time of the year? 
  • Yes, with the typical British weather being wet and windy we at A.R.T have perfected our methods of ensuring we keep the elements out of your home.
What areas do you cover? 
  • We are based in Solihull and cover all Solihull and Birmingham areas
What experience do you have? 
  • We have over twenty years experience in the building trade. The past ten years specialising in Loft Conversions.
Do you have public liability insurance? 
  • Yes we as a company have substantial insurances in place; also all of our tradesmen have public liability insurance.
Do you have any completed Loft Conversions that I can see? 
  • Yes, we will try to arrange for you to see a completed Loft Conversion of a similar size and chat with the owner if you wish. Alternatively, take a look at some in our gallery.
How much will my Loft Conversion cost? 
  • Costs of a loft conversion vary so much it is impossible to say. Prices vary depending on size, the number of dormers, roof windows and specification. We offer our customers a highly personalised service tailored to your own specific needs. We pride ourselves on maximising the potential in your loft whilst meeting your requirements within your budget. 
What kind of disruption can I expect having a Loft Conversion? 
  • We will cut a hole into your roof from the outside, in order to get materials in and out of your loft. The bulk of your Loft Conversion will be constructed using this access point thus minimising disruption. All craftsman used in the construction of your loft conversion adhere to our own high company standards of courtesy and cleanliness, always remembering foremost that it is your home.
 I want a quote from A.R.T Loft Conversions, what do I do next? 
  • Either complete the enquiry form on-line or phone us using any of the contact numbers on our contact us page. We will contact you to arrange to visit your property. If you have a question we haven’t answered here please email us and we will be happy to provide you with answers. 
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